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Below is a list of case studies taken from the Operations section of Business Case Studies. Choose your sub topic from the list of arrowed links below the Operations heading. As a result of carefully reading the Case Study, This case study helps students understand operations management – balancing safety, quality. Operations management case studies helps to come out with various operational and project planning challenges in an organization. These case study deals with project management leadership, operational challenges and opportunities, inventory management and planning, strategic network optimization, different forecasting dilemmas etc. On July 18, , the majority of Market Basket’s non-unionized front office workers, another warehouse associates and 65 truck drivers walked out on their jobs and spent the next six weeks protesting in front of the family-owned New England supermarket chain’s headquarters.

Walmart: Operations Management 10 Decisions, Productivity - Panmore Institute

These decision areas pertain to the issues and concerns that managers face on a daily basis. Design of Goods and Services. This decision area of operations management involves the strategic characterization of products.

In the case of Walmart, this decision area covers goods and services. As a retailer, the company offers retail service. Walmart is known for low costs because of its cost leadership generic strategy. To fulfill this strategy, the firm focuses on maximum efficiency of its retail service personnel.

To address the design of goods in this decision area of operations management, Walmart also emphasizes minimal production costs, especially for the Great Value brand. Quality Management. This decision area of operations management is applied operations management case study Walmart through three tiers of quality standards.

The lower tier specifies minimum quality expectations of the majority of customers. Walmart keeps this lower tier for most of its brands, such as Great Value. The middle tier specifies market average quality for low-cost retailers. This tier is applied for the performance of Walmart employees, especially sales personnel. The upper tier specifies quality levels that exceed market averages.

Process and Capacity Design. Walmart addresses this decision area of operations management through behavioral analysis, forecasting, and continuous monitoring. Also, to satisfy concerns in this decision area operations management case study operations management, the company uses continuous monitoring.

Location Strategy. This decision area of operations management emphasizes operations management case study of movement of materials, operations management case study, human resources and business information throughout the organization. To address the business information aspect in this decision area of operations management, Walmart uses the Internet. The company has a comprehensive set of online information systems for real-time reports and monitoring.

Layout Design and Strategy. The layout design of individual stores is based on consumer behavioral analysis and corporate standards. With efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and cost-minimization, the firm satisfies needs in this decision area of operations management. Human Resources and Job Design. The company suffers from relatively high turnover because of low wages, which relate to the cost-leadership generic strategy.

Nonetheless, continuous recruitment enables Walmart to address this decision area of operations management, operations management case study. Also, the firm maintains standardized job processes, especially for positions in the stores. Thus, the firm satisfies concerns in this decision area of operations management even though there are some issues with turnover. Main article: Walmart: Human Resource Management. Supply Chain Management. These systems enable managers and vendors to collaborate in deciding when to move certain amounts of merchandise across the supply chain.

Because it is the largest retailer in the world, operations management case study, Walmart influences suppliers to cooperate in using these systems. Inventory Management. In this way, the company minimizes stockouts. Main article: Walmart: Inventory Management, operations management case study. Walmart uses conventional shifts and flexible scheduling. In this decision area of operations management, the emphasis is on optimizing internal business process schedules.

Through optimized schedules, the company can expect minimal losses linked to excess capacity and related issues. At Walmart, scheduling in warehouses is flexible and based on current trends. However, the company generally has fixed conventional shifts for scheduling of store processes and human resources in sales and marketing. Such fixed scheduling is needed to optimize human resource expenditure. Still, to fully address this decision area of operations management, Walmart occasionally changes store and personnel schedules to address operations management case study changes in demand, such as during Black Friday.

In addressing maintenance needs, managers must consider maintaining different types of resources. Walmart effectively addresses this decision area of operations management through training programs to maintain human resources, dedicated personnel for facility maintenance, and dedicated personnel for equipment maintenance.

In relation, the dedicated personnel for equipment maintenance fix, repair, and clean equipment like cash registers, computers, cleaning equipment, and others. There are various quantitative and qualitative criteria or measures of productivity that pertain to human resources and related internal business processes. The revenues per sales unit refers to the sales revenues per store, average sales revenues per store, and sales revenues per operations management case study team.

Walmart is interested in maximizing revenues per sales unit. The stockout rate is the frequency of stockout, which is the condition where inventories for certain products are already empty or inadequate. The duration of order filling is the amount of time consumed to fill inventory requests at the stores.

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operations management case study


Toyota’s approaches for the 10 strategic decisions of operations management show the importance of coordinated efforts for ensuring streamlined operations and high productivity at a global scale.. Toyota’s Operations Management, 10 Strategic Decision Areas. 1. Design of Goods and addresses this strategic decision area of operations management through technological. OPERATIONAL MANAGEMENT STUDY. Operations management is a vital part of an organization to achieve success because. The case organisation selected as “vehicle” of this study is Matteo Bracciotti. Operations Management Case Studies. Operations Management "We Are Market Basket" Set in June , this case study describes the conditions of this busy outpatient clinic prior to a process improvement effort by a collaborative team of MIT Sloan students and faculty and MGH clinicians and administrative staff. It also examines the complete.